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Ambassadors of «Russian Seasons» are prominent artists, whose primary goal is to introduce the foreign public to the topmost masterpieces of Russian culture.

Culture is an excellent tool for interaction between nations and peoples, that is why culture is a true Ambassador of Peace.

Valery Fokin

Stage director, writer Art Director of the Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theatre (Alexandrinsky Theatre). People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Winner of the State Stanislavsky Prize of the RSFSR and three State Prizes of the Russian Federation.

«Each country provides new challenges - and it enriches a stage director... To understand the context of a country, the context of a theatre: what it is like, what place it occupies in this city, in this country... These are important challenges - when you have to make a performance for the audience of another country, with a feeling and understanding of their environment and background, but at the same time so that it still remains your Gogol, your Dostoevsky, your Vampilov»

Andrey Konchalovsky

Screenwriter, film director. People's Artist of the RSFSR. Winner of the Brothers Vasiliev State Prize of the RSFSR, State Prize of the Kazakh SSR, and two "Silver Lion" Venice Film Festival Awards. President of the "Nika" Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science.

«An incredibly important function of Russia is to prevent amnesia, the fact that the collective memory is increasingly shrinking. In my opinion, the culture, the whole civilization force of Russia lies in the fact that we retain these values as unshakable. Sometimes I see that Europe slowly forsakes these values. I hate to imagine Europeans coming to Russia, in some 20-30 years, only to see what once they themselves have been. National distinctiveness should be preserved in every country»

Nikolay Tsiskaridze

Ballet and Theater Artist, Bolshoi Theater Ballet Soloist in 1992–2013, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, People’s Artist of North Ossetia, two-time winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, three-time winner of the "Golden Mask" Theatre Award

«Russian seasons» is a very important cultural project. The Russian school of ballet was developed on the basis of the French and Italian schools of classical dance, so we are happy to show what we take great pride in nowadays»

Boris Berezovsky

Russian pianist, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

«Contemporary «Russian seasons» is a large-scale program aimed at promotion of Russian culture. We've got a priceless heritage, which we are ready to share with the entire world with joy and enthusiasm. The more we share, the more new creative projects, new authors, artists, actors, composers, and wonderful works of art would emerge. Mutual cultural enrichment is one of the missions of this inspiring project»

Zelfira Tregulova

Soviet and Russian art historian. General Director of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

«What we all do is an incredibly important mission. Especially today, when there is so many misconceptions, so much misunderstanding in the world. What "Russian Seasons" do is introducing the world to Russia, to its amazing, unique, immense cultural civilization»

Semyon Mikhailovsky

Russian art historian, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, President of the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture named after I. E. Repin.

«I really appreciate this initiative, because I've witnessed its tremendous success in Italy and Germany. If we could show the world how rich Russia is, and not only with its natural resources, but also with the talented people living around here, it would be great»

Yuri Bashmet

Violist, conductor, people’s artist of USSR.

It a matter of prestige for us to play under the auspices of the Russian Seasons. This project is a feast for all art conasseurs, opening not only the new faucets of the Russian culture, but also representing the art, that the young people live by today.