This year, the Museum of the World Ocean is an active participant in the international cultural project “Russian Seasons” in Germany: thus, in April, Berliners got acquainted with an exhibition "With a Dream of Outer Space", and soon, on June 12, an exhibition project "The Incredible Story of One Ship. "Mars" (1939) - "Vityaz" (1949)" will start to operate at the German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst.

This is the first major international exhibition to present the stock items of the Museum of the World Ocean. The project was made possible due to the support of the international cultural project "Russian Seasons".


At the moment, the museum personnel are carrying out installation work, and the opening of the exhibition will take place on the Day of Russia. The theme of the project was not chosen randomly: "Vityaz" is a legendary research vessel of the USSR Academy of Sciences that was built in Germany. This year, she celebrates several anniversaries at once.

RV "Vityaz" made an outstanding contribution to the study of oceans. Under the flag of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the ship covered about 800,000 miles and performed 7,942 research stations. A school of national oceanology had been formed aboard "Vityaz"; scientists from 50 research institutes of the USSR and 20 foreign countries participated in her expeditions. In 1957, the maximum depth of the World Ocean in the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean (11 022 m) was measured from the vessel.

The incredible story of the ship began in 1939 in Germany at the shipyard "Shichau" (Bremerhaven) where she was built. There at the shipyard she was christened as «Mars». Started the same year, World War II dramatically changed the vessel's destiny. In wartime, the ship was used for military purposes. When the WWII was over, she was transferred as part of war reparations to the Soviet Union and eventually converted into research vessel. “Mars” got a new name, “Vityaz”, and in the period of 1949-1979, she made 65 research voyages.

Following decommissioning, the vessel was in limbo for 10 long years. However, the achievements of "Vityaz" in science were so great that later she was turned into a museum ship. In 1990, it was this ship that the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad started around.

In 2016, the RV "Vityaz" was included in the unified state register of cultural heritage objects (historical and cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation of federal importance.

In 2019, RV Vityaz celebrates:

- 80 years since she was built

- 70 years since the start of her first research voyage

- 40 years since the completion of her last research voyage

- 25 years since the ship was moored at a pier of the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad